Waving Goodbye by Andrew Shakeshaft

“All those people who died young; you’ve got their life, you’ve got the chances they never had and what are you doing with it?”

Waving Goodbye is an emotionally charged black comedy which asks fundamental questions about existence and our relationships with each other. A play about the horrible choices we have to make every day. Should we take risks or take the road most traveled?

Tree Shadow Theatre put out a call for new, contemporary scripts that didn’t fight shy of exploring big issues and what it is to be a young woman in today’s world. This two-hander black comedy was the outright winner.

Last Embrace, A Folk Musical

The timeless story of Romeo and Juliet transported to Northern Ireland in 1970. Ronan and Julia meet at a party and fall into a young but determined love. There is one problem: Ronan is a Catholic and Julia’s protestant family will go to any lengths to prevent the couple from uniting. Haunting music and magical story-telling combine to bring you this modern re-invention of a much loved tragedy.

How Well You Know Me

A Double-Bill of: The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gillman and Overtones by Alice Gerstenberg

This double-bill opens the window on the lives of women from three different generations, offering an intimate, surreal and revealing snapshot of their existence. The Yellow Wallpaper was originally a semi-autobiographical short story, detailing the effects of the rest cure on a young woman. Overtones is believed to be the first example of a playwright separating the conscious from the unconcscious in the shape of a character. How Well You Know Me! pulls the two pieces together, creating a show that explore reality and how we perceive it.